Saturday, January 27, 2007


Bubbly in Progress

I'm about 3/4 of the way through my first Bubbly curtain and I'm so happy with how it's turning out! It's actually longer now than in this photo, and it's coming along quite quickly. I think I only have 1 more of the repeat sections to go before I'll be done. I'm using the Euroflax sportweight on size 5 needles exactly as recommended. Can anyone recommend the best way to wash this in preparation for blocking? I understand the linen "relaxes" after washing. Does this mean it needs a soap and water wash by hand? With any particular type of soap? Or will a thorough wetting down do?

Wow, that looks great. I don't have much experience with Euroflax, but I did knit a swatch and throw it int he wash and the drier. It came out fine; to flatten it I just sprayed it a bit and let it dry.
I haven't made the bubble curtain in Euroflax, but I've done a number of hand towels and facecloths with it. Those I just give a warm hand swish with mild soap, a good rinse, and then I pin to block as I would any other knit.

Depending upon how much drape you want from the final curtain, you may or may not want to use a bit of starch in it--I think that I personally, unless I were looking for a really stiff end result, would try it without, first. Then if it's too soft for how you want to use it, you can always wet and starch it later and re-pin for drying.

I recently made the bubble lace pattern up with crochet cotton on big needles to be used as a very light and plain table throw, and because that had no body at all, I did use a light starch with it.
Anon, I *love* your bubbly table cover! I especially like how you reversed the looks gorgeous, and I think I might just need to steal your idea and make these for Christmas gifts next year!
Very nice! I love the look of this pattern so much. Great job so far;)
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