Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Baby Gifts

A bunch of different baby gifts for a mom at my daughters' school, including a Baby Genius Burp Cloth and a Baby Genius Bib-o-Love. Not thrilled with the Bernat Handicrafter Cotton; probably won't use it again.
ETA: Details of where the non-MDK patterns came from, etc. are on my blog. Oh, and the ball has a bell in it. Awww...

The items you made are gorgeous, and so is the color. I haven't used the Bernat cotton, though. What is different about it?
It didn't hold up to washing as well as I'd like.
Sorry you didn't like the yarn, but they look great and I'm sure they'll love them.
Hi Erica:

the knits look wonderful.

I must say I wasn't happy working with Bernat Handicrafter either. Did you find that it gave off little fibers while knitting with it? I had made this with it:

I haven't really had problems with the washing, though.

Anyway, the price was right.

My favourite cotton is super 10 mercerised. I also like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.
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