Monday, February 05, 2007


Can you stand one more baby kimono?

These are impossibly cute. And kinda like potato chips. You can't knit just one. I made this one stockinette with Sugar n' Cream. The hat is from Last Minute Knitted gifts, also made of Sugar n' Cream. These are for my new nephew, to be arriving in a few short weeks.

Oh, they are just too cute. Please, where did you get the hat pattern? I've been looking for just that right pattern and I think you found it!! Could you email me? sba13221 at flash dot net? I would be so grateful and so would my first grandchild who is 2 months old. --Sally
oooh! i really like how the hat matches the kimono! i can't wait for my cousins to find out what genders their babies are so i can make up a few sets for them. great idea!
Love the hat and kimono. I started to cast on for the hat over the weekend, decided it might be too girly, didn't like the yarn, decided to wait to find out sex of twins and different yarn. Never thought to use SnC, which I have plenty of. Thanks for the inspiration.
How cute! I love the way you coordinated the I-cord in the hat to match the kimono. Too cute!bl
very cute :)
Love it! What colorway did you use? It looks just like the Sugar N Cream I recently picked out to make a kimono for our next babe (who is yet to be conceived, so the yarn is just waiting in my stash).

I'll have to make a note to make that hat to go with the kimono too. Great combo! I got Last Minute Knitted Gifts for Christmas.
The color is Summer Splash, I think. I didn't save the ballband, but looking at the colors on the website, that looks right and sounds familiar. I'm pretty sure the hat is Hot Green.

Thanks, everyone!
That's a fabulous set. I've been kicking around for a hat pattern to go with a sweater I want to make. Thanks for posting.
Lovely! How long does it take you to knit one of those up? I need some babies in my life... just so I can do some quick projects!
Very pretty set. I love the colors.
happy knitting :)
Cute, Cute, Cute. Thank you for sharing.
What an adorable set! It's soooo sweet.
I was considering making the same set.
But I was wondering what other peoples' opinions were, about the hat.
I have a grandson who is 5 months old.
Does anyone think that this particular hat pattern, is too girly for a boy?
If so, any suggestions on how to make it look more like a boys hat?
I'm undecided, and have been pondering this for awhile.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
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