Monday, February 12, 2007


Colors ran!

I made a red and white ballband warshcloth for a friend for Valentine's Day and when I washed it the red ran into the white! I used Sugar n' Cream yarn. Anyone else had that problem?

Whenever I wash anything that's a bright color along with white, I use a Shout color catcher sheet. You can find them with the other laundry products at the grocery store. I've found them to really help avoid the bleeding.
Yes, my red and white combo cotton bled to the white parts. The color catcher sheets do help. I didn't worry about it because I was keeping the dishcloth for myself.
I always color treat my sugar n cream with 1:1 water and vinegar solution before washing. This has prevented any fading...not sure if it would also help with the bleeding...
Thanks for sharing that! I've always wondered if it would happen so I've avoided red.
'shivers'.....I just had a horrible flashback!!!!
I found this out after washing my son's jolly roger (skull & crossbones) sweater!!! It was my first intarsia project and living in So. Cal. I chose cotton...
Big Oooops! Now it's black & grey. So sad...Knit & Learn!
I have been known to wash darker skenis of yarn such as red separately (soaking them for awhile, then winding in very loose loops and hanging over shower rod or outside to dry) in order to avoid bleeding. A bit of a hassle, especially for one item the size of a washcloth, but for large projects I don't mind the effort.
Thanks for all of your advice. I'll have to get some Shout color catcher, but I guess just keep this one for myself.
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