Thursday, February 08, 2007


Log Cabin Dishrag

Here is a log cabin dish rag I dashed off. I have been trying to post for a while and had almost given up when the blogger let me switch to the new version and here I am! I am still working on the tail-gate rag rug, but hope to show it soon.

It looks great. I love how the colors work together.
Ha ha! Those colors make me soooo Happy:)
I LOVE it!

Did you use the directions in the Mason Dixon book or did you have to modify it? Would you mind sharing your pattern, pretty please?

This is what I've been thinking about doing with the leftover yarn balls I have from doing a couple dozen ballband warshrags.

What a great idea - I wanted to try the Log Cabin pattern, but I'm not quite ready to commit to a blanket.
Love your cloth :) Making a log cabin dishcloth is a great way to try out the pattern for the blanket without the commitment to a big project.

happy lnitting :)
Beautiful, what is the yarn??
I was making the Tail-Gate rug and I used my left-over Peaches and Creme. I basicly used the same directions, just changed the number of stitches.
I cast on 17 stitches and did 15 garter rows, then picked up on the edge. The other strips were 8 rows wide. The rug was my first Log Cabin project and I'm hooked on it. I did an edging of crochet to finish.
Very nice!

...and BTW... I still can't get Blogger to migrate my blog!! In the meantime, I've been using typepad, and it's pretty nice. I still don't feel like it's "home" though because I've been using blogger for almost two years. :( Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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