Monday, February 12, 2007


Kay Kopy Kat: Baby Genius Scarf

I just loved Kay's version of the Baby Genius Scarf, so I had to copy it. I used Lambs Pride Worsted 1 skein, in Wild Violet and 2 Skeins Noro Silk Garden in color #224. The colors were so pretty and fun to use that I got it done in 2 weeks and I usually find scarves to slow work. It measured 5'3" when I was done. But after hand washing it grew to over 6 feet. It's cozy but the silk garden does make it rather itchy, but the colors make up for itchiness and I have generally overlooked it.

I even had to drape it over a fence for the photo, no stone walls here though...

My guess is that the Lamb's Pride might be the offending "itcher". My own experience with Silk Garden is the opposite---and I find that it gets softer and softer with wear and laundering. Perhaps a few more soaks will help. Anyway, the scarf is gorgeous and I'll have to remember to give it a try!
oh how lovely! I just love the colors...
that is beautiful. i love nothing more than a six foot scarf!
Wowowowowow what beautiful colors you chose. Nice fence too.
The color is great. Like a little burst of spring walking around with you.
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