Saturday, February 17, 2007


curve of many colours - done!

This is the LAST post about this project, I promise. I did decide to add a small border in teal...

I would recommend this project to anyone... it is much simpler than it looks. Please see my blog for specs.

Amazing!!! Brilliant job;)
Now that you're done, you can make me one! hehehe...
I like the addition of the outer border.

It has been fun watching your progress on this project. It looks so good I'm tempted to try it myself someday!

Thanks for all the sharing you've done.
Each time I look it is even better than before. Great job.
Thanks for all the kind feedback. And thanks in particular to stephanie b. whose comments have been very very inspiring... ! This is the largest project I have completed...

And susan, sorry but I probably won't be whipping up another one anytime soon! ;-)

I'd recommend this project to anyone, as I've probably said before... it was quite fun and far easier than it looks - due to the great pattern.
I'm glad you enjoyed making this. We have another 50+ designs to tempt you.

Stunning. Very nice work. Dream sweet dreams under it.
Congrats on finishing the blanket! Be proud - it's really great!
That is really beautiful!
That is sooo beautiful. Congratulations.
This is a sensational project! Even though you posted it several months ago, I keep going back to it. I have the pattern on order and am looking forward to knitting it up for my nephew for Christmas. How many colors did you use (it's hard to tell on my screen)?
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