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peaches/sugar and cream?

They say there is no such thing as a stupid question...!

So, here goes. Does anyone know if Sugar and Cream cotton (sold through Mary Maxim in Canada) is equivalent to Peaches and Cream cotton that I have heard so much about in the MDK book? If so, I want to go out and buy loads this weekend. However, I have had mixed success with another relatively cheap cotton (Bernat Handicrafter - it gave off a lot of fluff while knitting with it).

Any thoughts appreciated.



Ok, hopefully this doesn't post double, my first reply doesn't appear to have shown up.
Peaches N Creme's maker used to own the company that makes Sugar N Cream. (, click on 'about us'). That being said, I like Peaches N Creme much better, so they must not come from the same original method. Sadly, I can find Sugar N Cream in TONS of colors around here, but Peaches N Creme only in about a dozen at Walmart. I also like Lion Cotton better than Sugar N Cream, but it, too is only sold one place here, comes in fewer colors, and is more expensive.
Sugar N Cream is pretty much the same thing as Peaches N Creme. Same gauge and it won't give off fluff while you knit. Unlike the other commenter, I actually prefer sugar n cream to peaches n creme....but I'd be hard pressed to say exactly why. ; )
I've used both. I actually prefer the Lily Sugar and Cream yarn. It seems to be twisted a little tighter and this makes it easier to work with. Plus it is available (at least locally) in many more bright colors which I tend to prefer. I made a kimono in peaches and creme out of a cone of ecru I had lying around and while it turned out fine, it seemed like the yarn was "rougher" and less finished than the Sugar and Cream I am more used to.
I think they pretty much have the same qualities, it's really only the colors that are a bit different. I have used Sugar & Cream as well as Peaches & Creme and I think they're both terrific. I've used Lion Cotton as well, also great. You can definitely use any one of the above cottons in place if another one is called for! :)
I have to weigh-in in favor of Peaches 'n Creme. I wanted to like Sugar & Cream - more easily found and I like the colors better - but the warshrags I've made with Peaches 'N Creme have a nicer feel, didn't fade in the wash as much and didn't shrink as much either.
You can now order Peaches and Creme(as it's actually called) online from Elmore Pisgah. They have tons of color cards so you can get the colors you want instead of taking what's available locally in Sugar and Cream. I think the yarn is pretty much the same except for color choices.
It seems to me that S&C is softer, but P&C is more durable.

I keep telling myself that one of these days I'll put in an order to Elmore Pisgah for some non-Walmart colors, but their shipping is so darn steep. Why they need to charge $9+ to mail just a few balls of yarn, I'll never understand..
I am a big fan of the PnC. I went to the factory last summer and got to see all the yarns in person. I bought several cones. If you order, go ahead and get the cones as they are as cheap as balls of most yarns.
I've used both as well for a potholder crochet pattern my grandmother taught me, and both wear equally well. I've had a hard time finding much available in stores, though, so I just ordered about 20 balls directly from Elmore-Pisgah. I checked Lily's website, and they have fewer colors, although they have an interesting new variation where a the plies are different colors.

Incidentally, I left a special request note about which carriers they used on my E-P online order, and I got a call back not an hour later wanting to clear up my request for USPS shipping. The woman I spoke to (I'm sorry, I can't remember her name) was VERY nice and friendly, and forthcoming. She waited to call me until my order was ready to ship, which means from the time I clicked "order" to the time they shipped was about an hour and a half. Can I say enough how impressed I am at their turn-around time and how cool it is to get a personal call about an online order? I can only hope to be that good.
The only difference I've found is that if I want Peaches N Creme I have to go to WalMart. For Sugar N Cream I go to A.C. Moore. *shrugs* Oh, and also the Peaches N Creme can be found in big huge cones at WalMart...which is good if you want a lot of items in the same color scheme, or if you are knitting a large-ish item and don't want to have to weave in a bunch of ends.
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