Saturday, February 24, 2007


Burp Cloth

I was getting ready to start the MD burp cloth but I noticed that it doesn't tell me what size needle to use. I will be using the Sugar 'n Cream. It probably doesn't matter much but just wanted to know what others have used.

Think I used a size 6 on all of mine.
Hmm! I usually use size 7 on Sugar & Cream. I looked at my book, it doesn't have a needle size either. I think because the actual size the cloth comes out to is not crucial.
I used a size 7 also. My cloths(after machine wash/dry) measured 9 x 12 in.
So I guess either one works. Doesn't really matter but I wanted to stick with the program.
Maybe I'll make one with one size and one with the other and see which I like better. Pretty crazy huh?
I'm pretty sure I used size 6 with Lily Elite Cotton.
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