Monday, March 12, 2007


Log Cabin Dishcloth Off My Needles And Out Of My System!

I know such knitting peace now that I was able to knit a Log cabin Dishcloth! I tried to keep my warm and cool colors on opposite sides. What immense pleasure to knit something practical with scraps of leftover Sugar & Cream Cotton!'s not completely out of my system yet as I have a Baby Log Cabin blanket in the works that is a charity project. It's constructed by yarns donated by Parishioners from my church. It's a nice little knitting project, well, for now at least! Log Cabin knitting just may be the next best thing since the Ballband Dish Cloth!

Or, maybe not!I am still smitten with my beloved Ball Band Dish Cloth. I call this "Welcome Spring"!

Both log cabins are beautiful and I'm sure if you run out of SnC others here have some to lend to the cause.
I love them! I just got my first box of Peaches and Cream from Emore-Pisgah. I am inspired by your dishcloths!
Yeah you know you lie! You will NEVER have these things "out of your system." Your knitting system is an MDK system and I wonder about your nervous system too! :P Everything looks great!
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