Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So Many Dishcloths!

A woman at my church is kind enough to do the preacher's families laundry. I am the preachers daughter. I love Mrs.J! She is awesome. A few months ago she was washing the large supply of dishcloths I have knit myself. On my birthday, I gifted myself a tiny ballband (33 stitches, 6 bands on size eights). She found it and left me a note saying how much she loved it, and would I please please knit her some. I said sure. She had said she would pay me, but I was like, You do my laundry weekly. You are not paying me.

I, being the forgetful teenager I am, forgot about them. Two weeks ago on some Sunday, she asked me where her dishcloths were. I was like, They are in the works. Over three days, I knit up four little dishcloths. She loved them! Not only did I gift a wonderful person, I used up two skeins of yarn that I hated. The colors are like the conversation hearts that you eat on Valentine's Day. I don't like them, but they were gifted to me. I used them up!


But wouldn't it have been far more Gracious and GRATEFUL, had you used yarn that you loved , not HATED , Christianity doesn't seem to be very high up on your ' priority list' , ever heard the saying , it is better to give than receive?
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