Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Baby bibs of....


I absolutely LOVE the duck buttons. They are adorable. But the Sugar 'N' Cream variagated yarn? Not so much.

The first bib is made from variagated yarn. I used the left over bit on the second one.

My first question is this: If I didn't like it on the first one, why on earth did I add it to the second one? I like the second one otherwise. And look at that duckie? AWWWWW!!

You know, I don't even have a kid. So my last question is: Why did I even make either of them? Oh, yeah. As an excuse to use the duck buttons. Right.

The amazing thing is that I made a bib out of the exact same variegated yarn and didn't like it much but went on to use the leftover part of the skein along with blue and yellow yarn in a second bib. Very, very similar to what you did! I was amazed when I saw your post. In my case I don't have any cute duck buttons so I'm not sure what excuse I have! It is some combination of (1) liking to knit that pattern when I'm too tired to concentrate on a more complicated one and (2) trying to economize on yarn expenditures.
I knit 3 bibs and felt the same 1 - 1 varigated, 1 cream, 1 yellow. I ended up using the leftover varigated & yellow for a 9-patch dishcloth from the mason dixon website. I liked it there in the mitered square, but wouldn't use it on a bib again. The ducks are cute! I am sure the mom you knit the bibs for will appreciate them.
If you are knitting baby items for babies that you don't have, I have an answer!
Look around your community for local groups like Newborns in Need and donate them. I bet your local hospital would know of anyone who would accept them! I keep knitting things that I don't know what to do with too!! LOL
That's actually the one varigated shade of Sugar and Cream that I do like. I found it worth the effort to seek out the Peaches n Creme - I liked the way the colors flowed and the yarn is a much higher quality.

I have a ton of bibs on my blog.
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