Monday, April 16, 2007


Moss Grid Handtowels

Here's my Moss Grid Handtowels, just gifted for some friends' anniversary party. They were a great simple and reasonably quick knit. I used Knit Picks Cotlin in Moroccan Red, Nightfall, and Key Lime on size 5 needles. They took just more than 1 and 1/2 balls each so I'll have to come up with something interesting for the scraps. Maybe a matching mini chevron towel.

Those are beautiful! How did you like the CotLin? I have one ball that I haven't done anything yet. Have you washed the towels? I wonder how much the yarn softens after washing...
Those are GREAT! Very colorful, and very nice. Hmmm... another possible project to look into....
Those look wonderful! I love the bright colors.
Beautiful, I love them.
They are fabulous! What a thoughtful gift.
So pretty! Love the bright colors!
Ooh, pretty! I have some linen lying around, just waiting for me to get started on a few of these. But the CotLin...hmm...
Lovely! The colors are just delicious! What yarn did you use and how much blocking, if any, was required?
I was just thinking about the CotLin and these towels yesterday. I was wondering how they would work together, and they look great!
Super! Love the colours, how did you find the Cotlin? I was debating ordering some!
Those are beautiful!
You did a great job! Really nice colors.
How beautiful! Such an inspiration that I purchased some Cotlin from Knitpicks and am going to make towels for Mother's Day gifts! Thanks for sharing!!!
where can i find the pattern for the moss grid handtowels ?????

Do you like Cotlin compared to Euroflax?
Those are fantastic!
Great color choice too. I must try the Cotlin.
I second Cindy's request for the pattern! Really nice! Got some lovely verigated Bamboo, hmmmmmm.....
Aw, so glad you guys like these.

The cotlin was great to work with. As much as I love the look of linen, I find it frustrating to work with. It also helped that Cotlin is MUCH cheaper.

I ran short on time and didn't wash these before I gifted them so instead of blocking I just ironed them. Steam iron with a cloth over the towel. They looked great just like that.
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