Saturday, April 07, 2007


Flying Geese

I started this way back in the Summer as a way to use all those odds and ends of yarn left over from other projects. I worked on it on and off (mostly off lately) since then. Now all that is left is to fold over the widest edge of the border and sew it down so that it can become a wall hanging. It measures about 31" by 48". It was a fun project, not hard at all.

Today I found myself looking through a book of quilt patterns, wondering how some of them would translate to knitting....


I really like your Flying Geese wallhanging. The colours go together really nicely. Great job!
I like that. That is on my to do list.
That is just beautiful!
Great job, it is beautiful.
This looks great. If you want another "quilt block" project, check out Fall 06 Knitter's for a felted bag with a quilt block motif. It's called "Tote 'Em".
Nice, very nice!
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