Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Late jumping in on the bandwagon

I could certainly use an expert opinion before beginning. I am ready to begin the task of knitting a mitered blanket, throw, coverlet...for my queen size bed! I know the popular rage is cotton...but, knitting with cotton KILLS my hands. And wool is so much warmer. Has anyone advice, experience, or thoughts on doing it in wool?

I'm making the "weird partial garter miter" from the M-D Blog (the post is "Clip and Save for Miterheads")in Cascade 220 Heathers. I love it! I'm slow, so there's no assembly yet, but the knitting is a joy.
I am making the mitered baby blanket using the actual Takhi Cotton Classic. It is kind of expensive, but does not hurt my hands at all the way regular cotton does. It is similar to Debbie Bliss' Cashmerino.
I think wool would work. What about a wool cotton blend? I have the same issues with cotton but just did a baby blanket in Rowan wool cotton and it is so great. A queen size would be pricey, but beautiful!
My log-cabin blanket was knitted in Plymouth Encore, a wool/acrylic blend. It is very soft, not too heavy, and it is holding up well. No sticker-shock either.
I love silk/wool combos too, nice and light (though often a bit pricey). I love Takhi Cotton Classic though, it is mercerized and I've never had a problem.
I've seen loads of mitered blankets in wool, and it seems to do just fine. I can't think of anything I'd do differently except perhaps the occasional spit-splice to save weaving in ends.......
I've seen many mitered blankets of Noro. You can make it in whatever you're heart desires. Personally I would never make it in cotton.
What about Cascade 220 Superwash wool? That way you could knit with wool and still have the washability factor.
Mission Falls wool is machine washable and has great colors. Of course, I think it's more expensive than Cascade Supewash, but just a thought...
What about a cotton-wool blend like Cascade Sierra or Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, they are both great to work with & are great for multi-season use, and not itchy either!!
Have you seen the Heathen Housewife's mitered blanket done in sock yarn? Washable wool/nylon for longevity, every imaginable colorway for a cool crazy-quilt look. You can see it at http://www.shellykang.com/Blog/2007/04/about-last-night.html You'll need to be patient for the pics to download; the Yarn Harlot linked to her page, so she's getting a log of traffic right now.
I have been working on the log cabin blanket using Shetland wool and size 3 needles. Call me a glutton for punishment...Wool is warmer and much lighter in weight than cotton, which gives it great advantages for blankets. Harrisville Shetland comes in stunning colorways and at a reasonable price. I say, go for wool by all means.
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