Friday, April 13, 2007


My first baby kimono

The baby kimono is finished, and heartbreakingly cute as well. It's in Rowan Handknit Cotton, which has a lovely feel to it (though the guy who rang me out at the vacuum/yarn store down the street commented, "That's a lot of money for blue string"). The buttons were unfortunately washed out in every photo I took, but they are bunnies. I used a ribbon tie on the inside flap. Tomorrow it's off to the baby shower.

ps - thanks Jenn, Heather, Terri and KMB - I did go back and add a few more rows onto the sleeves and ended up more comfortable with it.
the bunnies are wonderful. The Kimono looks great!
That looks great! Haha "blue string" ... that's hilarious!
Looks great! Well done.
You should get a lot of complements at the shower. It's darling.
I love rowan handknit cotton, I made two baby jackets in it. This looks great.
It was a great hit! She didn't believe you made it yourself.

As far as the guy at the yarn store, tell him that it may be a lot of money to pay for blue string, but it pays his rent, doesn't it?

Slap him with a $600 imported European vaccuum cleaner hose.
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