Monday, April 30, 2007


Kimono of Many Colors

It's been a few days ago now that I posted my finished log cabin baby blankie with the triangle points on it, and now I wanted to post the kimono I just finished to go with it. I also added a pair of booties just to round out the set and make it a little layette. I think it's a bright fun little baby set for a boy, and a nice alternative to the ordinary blue that we all usually think of in terms of for baby boys. It was fun to use all this color. It sort of reminds me of a box of crayons. I did my kimono a little differently, but we all seem to put our own spins on patterns anyway. That's what makes knitting so much fun, right?

I love the colors you used. What kind of yarn did you use?
Would love to have the pattern for the booties. This set is too cute.
Regarding the pattern for the booties, i second that emotion! thanks in advance -
OMG! That is sooooo cute! And very vibrant!

One problem. With all those wonderful color stimulating the baby.. well, that kid will never get to sleep! ;-)
Great color choice. I'm sure that sweater will get a lot of use.
I'd like an adult set like that! Great job.
Sweet! So colorful!
Isn't the kid a little young to know his sexual orientation already?
I love the colours you used! The recipient is very lucky!
Surviving: the yarn is plymouth encore dk.

The bootie pattern came from the Knitting Pattern-a-Day 2006 Calender.

Thanks for the nice comments.
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