Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Finished Nina shawl !!

I finished the Nina shawl in just over 3 weeks! I had to work really hard. It was a gift for my son's girl friend. I used Berrocco Touche. It's very soft 1/2 cotton and 1/2 modal. I did have to add about 10 -12 inches to make it come out to 60 inches long! Everything else seemed to be in the correct gauge, although I have to confess I didn't swatch. I think it came out very well.

This is very lovely. You should be sublimely proud of it.
I love it. The colors you chose are great.
That is lovely - great color choices.
Very pretty, you were fast!!
Wow! I wish my boyfriend's mom knitted. Or maybe I wish I dated your son! Lol. Either way, it's beautiful.
That is just beautiful. Great choice on the colors!!!!
Your Nina is GORGEOUS!!!

Absolutely Beautiful. Well done!
Looks fabulous. I love the Nina pattern and did a blanket based on it (I posted it here some time back - late 2006). I like your colours better than the ones I chose, though!
I LOVE your color choices!
Your shawl is just beautiful, can I ask what needles you used? Also, did you need to block it since it isn't 100% cotton because I'm using a blend too.
You're right about the length, when you add up the rows knitted by the gauge it only comes out to about 45 inches. I'm just starting mine & wondered which stripes you added to get the 60 inch length.
Thank you
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