Thursday, May 03, 2007


Mitered Purse

Last summer, I was inspired to make a mitered-square tote bag - a panel of 4 squares on each side. And I wanted it to be in those crazy colors that I remember from those 90s windbreaker suits. I started running out of yarn, so it became a clutch.

I knit these squares off-and-on throughout 2006. (One was created on a road trip to Atlanta.)

Basically I seamed together 4 mitered squares, then mattress-stitched them up the sides. I picked up 6 stitches along one edge, knit a garter stitch strap, bound off the strap and then stitched it to the other side.

I'm toying with the idea of felting it. Anyone have an opinion on that?

I'll add a liner when it's all said and done so that it won't buckle when I carry it. Maybe it needs a zipper, too...

I enjoyed doing the miters but I don't know if I have the stamina for a full-blown blanket. So much work and time, and my perfectionist-nature won't let me fudge on the seaming - I know I'd agonize over making those stripes line up! I really respect those of you who have taken on the blanket.

Details: Cascade 220, colors... um, I forgot


Felt it! You can block it to any shape you want, and when it's felted it's bulletproof!
Felt it.
Nona just felted a mitered square. It turned out nicely and shrank evenly in all directions.
Another vote to felt it. So much sturdier.
You can felt it but just one thing that you might not like about the felted version-its going to get 1/3 smaller and its small to begin with. You might have to call it an accessory bag and not a purse but it will be sturdy! Its beautiful no matter what you do. Have fun with it.
It's great either way. However, I'm very fond of felted items so if you can live with the shrinkage, that would be my vote.

Great idea - and terrific work!
Thanks for the input, everyone! I'm thinking I might felt it. I've had good luck with Cascade 220 in the past.

sarah - thanks for the link! I'm glad to hear it should shrink evenly.

curlybrunette - you're right, it will be a wee bag. But I'm weird and don't carry big purses. (Sorry fashion world, I know the big bag is in right now) :) If it turns out too little even for me, I'll still love my new accessory bag and will use it to hold all those tapestry needles and stitch markers that I'm prone to losing. :)
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