Friday, July 28, 2006


New chair cushoins at MD site

I love the big Dotty cushion in the book but didn't like the idea of doing them on size 3's and I'm not sure I like the linen yarn it seems stiff and not soft . Well there is a new big dotty chair cushion on the mason dixon site and she has used my favorite cotton classic doubled on big needled. I love it!! AHHH but I really really shouldn't start a new project. I have to finish something first. Back to mitered squares.

I had the same reaction, Stephanie, when I saw Big Dotty in the book I thought "well, that's nice, but not something I'm likely to do." Then when I saw it in the cotton yarn on the MDK site -- what a change! I'm suddenly thinking Throw Pillows!!! And aren't the colors delicious?
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