Thursday, August 03, 2006


Alchemy Blanket

Well, I can't take the credit for this amazing layout, so far. My father is actually knitting this, and it's completely done in Alchemy Silk Purse. Can you believe it?!? Anyway, when I showed him the Mason-Dixon book, he just about died and had to start the Mitered Square Blanket right away!
I have a few kimonos I want to do and I haven't started a warshcloth obsession (yet), probably because I know once I start that I'll never want to knit anything else again!

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, and the yarn your father used is amazing. Lucky is the owner of this.
Beautiful colors, congratulations to your Dad for a superb job!
wow! I'm almost speechless. The colors, the yarn...your dad.Cool.
Your dad rocks!
I'm shaking from a need to touch that beautiful blanket. I love the yarn!
Really, really beautiful. Go Dad.
mmmmm silk blankie
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