Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Finished Koigu Log-Cabin Blanket

Here is my finished Koigu Log-Cabin Blanket. Whew! I have very tired fingers!

That is wonderful. The colors and great and I like the edging you added too.
Oh, that is wonderful!! I love the triangle edging.
It's beautiful. I love the edges!
That's wonderful and the pointy edges are perfect for it.
Absolutely stunning!!! Great edging too.
Wow! That is truly stunning!
That is one marvelous blanket! Its rich looking, great color combinations. Congratulations on completing such a work of hand and heart!
What a beautiful work of art. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the prairie points. What a great addition. Job well done.
Thanks so much for all your nice comments -- I can only take the credit for the actual knitting. My sister picked out the colors and came up with the idea of the triangles.
Really excellent!
That is one of the, NO, the BEST log cabin I have seen yet. Triumphant!
This is absolutely fabulous!
It's beautiful. It looks like a watercolor painting.
So pretty! I love how the earth tones bring out the colors. And it looks so awesome on your sofa!
What a splendid expanse of Koigu--brilliant color-picking! xox Kay
Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I'm having palpitations here! Great work!
very cool edging!
What a beautiful afghan. I love the colors and the edging.
***Stunned silence***
a work of art! did you post any of the specifics--size, how much yarn, etc?
What inspiration! Your blanket is beautiful.
Awesome, totally awesome. Tis beautiful.
Wow, that is absolutely beautiful!
That is incredible and just gorgeous!!!!!!
Beautiful handwork, beautiful colors...perfect example of how simple yet stunning log cabin knitting can be. Thank you for sharing it with us.
WOW!! It's stunning. And the edges are perfect.
It's just beautiful. Could you let us know th finished dimensions?
Wow! Beautiful!
What a beautiful blanket, and such pretty and creative edges.
I know I'm repeating what has already been said 30 times, but it's beautiful!
Wow! That is a totally different look! Fabulous!
I love that edging. Adds a playful touch (I've been watching way to much Project Runway).
Very beautiful!
Freakin' beautiful!
I'm in love! Just gorgeous!
Could you share the size and how much yarn you used? Please.
Oh, all those beautiful colors of cozy Koigu. What a wonderful thing to wrap up in, and beautiful to look at when it's not keeping you warm. Positively exquisite! Nice job!
This actually took my breath away. Beautiful.
Your blanket actually took my breath away. Beautiful.
Thanks again for all your sweet postings!
The finished measurement of the blanket (including the triangle edging) is about 58" square.
I used about 31 skeins of Koigu yarn.
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