Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Sugar and Cream for 1.99

I was noodlin' around the 'net at work this afternoon and I searched for discount yarn, you know, "just for kicks." I found that Joann's has a sale on their 2.19 balls of Sugar and Cream, it's now 1.99 for the larger than everywhere else skien (solids 2 1/2 oz and 120 yrds; ombre 2oz and 95 yrds). Also, they have a piddly selection of cones on sale (I don't know about this one) for 8.99 a cone. Here is where I found it, but the circulars don't mention it. This COULD just be an online thing. I hope this was helpful.

I'm not sure if this is the Super Size ball or the smaller one. If it is the smaller size, then that isn't the best price. Might want to check it out before you order!
I keep looking at those cones, and thinking about getting some of them to make an Absorba rug.Hhhmmmm....do I really need more yarn though???
WalMart sells PnC one pound cones for $6.64. Not the best selection of colors, but near me they at least have white, off-white and several ombre colors (yellows, blues) pretty regularly.
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