Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Baby kimono and ballband dishcloths in green

This is my first try at the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono. I made the sleeves a little shorter than the pattern. Because I substituted the yarn and didn't do a gauge swatch, it looks quite different from everybody else's. I had to stop increasing stitches in the front before it reached the side, because it was getting way longer than the back! But my girlfriend's 2-month old seemed small enough to fit in it for a while, so I guess that's OK!

And here's another trio of ballband dishcloths in the same green yarn.
Happy knitting to everyone!

Tokyo Knitter

I love the green you chose. Such a pretty shade and perfect with a little pink.
So I'm not the only one!!! My kimono did the same thing as yours, and I ended up having to rip out quite a few rows on the front so that it wouldn't be so much longer than the back! Like yours, my front is a point rather than a corner, but it still looks cute! Great job on yours!
What pretty colors... I think your kimono looks great!
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