Sunday, July 30, 2006


another ballband warshrag

Another ballband warshrag. Same colors as my ballband kimono posted earlier this month. But the colors are used in differently here.

The red was the background in the kimono, the orange is the background here. The yarns are Sugar and Cream red, hot pink, and pumpkin.

can some one help me on this. I've knitted for two yrs and have yet to run into the terms yarn forward and yarn back that is used in th ballband dishcloth pattern in the book.

i love the book and want to USE MY KNITS! lol

these colors are great too.

help! Valerie
all they mean is to bring the working yarn forward, to the front of the piece, as if to do a yarn over but without wrapping it around to the back again, or to bring the yarn to the back of the piece.

the little slipped sts would have bands of yarn across them on the RS of the dishcloth if you did not do the yfs and ybs, as the yarn travels from one stitch to the next. essentially you are causing the yarn to pass across the slipped stitch on the WS of the piece instead. i hope this makes a little sense...anyone else?
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