Saturday, July 29, 2006


Today Is Brought To You by the Letter "F"!

"F" is for felting and fun!!!! This is my first buttonhole bag, and my first felting project. Things were a bit apprehensive there for a while, until I remembered that felting is shrinking, so that huge loose blobby thing would probably become something a bit neater looking. And it did! I used two strands of Cascade 220 on size 13's - I think I could almost promise you'll get a whole bag out of just one skein. The darker color doesn't show well in this pic, but it's actually a "mallard green" heather. I did felt this bag twice, because I wanted to know what would happen, mostly. I think once was enough...I can't prove it wasn't this way after the first time, but it did end up with the increase bump on the left being at a different height than the increase bump on the right. I wonder if I made a mistake, or if the felting just made that happen? Otherwise, it's a great bag, and I even like the size. I might like my next one a little smaller, but I'm not entirely certain how to make that happen. There's plenty more Cascade left to find out!

For the heck of it, here's a pic of a couple Noro Log Cabin squares for the blanket I'm working on. I tried to post these a while ago, and Blogger just wouldn't have it. Now I've got four done, and several more skeins in the stash. These are about 9 in. sq.

Also working on a Moderne blanket in Silky Wool, but there's not enough of it to post. AND I'm making one of those cool circle-of-fun rugs out of SNC. It's progressing quickly, but I'm gonna make myself finish the Fetching Hand warmers from Knitty tomorrow. We're moving to Indy in just a couple weeks, and then I have to return to school after a long year off...while I'm glad to be going back, between moving - which I am still avoiding packing for - and classes and work, I can just feel my knitting time running out!

Love the felted bag. now I just have to find time to make one of my own!
The Noro log cabin squares are gorgeous! Knit while you can - but I used to knit in class. I found it helped me concentrate - as long as the professor doesn't mind.
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