Saturday, July 29, 2006


Noro Square Afghan

I was enthralled with the afghan made up entirely of Noro yarn squares (Afghans for Afghans charity project) and decided that I had to have one too! But since I am on a budget, it might take awhile. I decided to use up the odd leftover in my stash and pick up more skeins as they come on sale or go into the "reduced" bin at my LYS. I figured I would make it a "sampler" afghan, with different patterns. Here are the first 3 squares.

Left to right, Stockingette stitch with garter border, straight garter stitch and the bottom one is a mitred square! I didn't bother to change yarn colours since the Noro is self-striping, and I must say it is a striking square. It helps that I like bright colours, I think..... I got the garter stitch square and the mitred one out of one skein of yarn. I had exactly enough yarn. the tail on the mitred square is the left-over yarn! Talk about stash-busting...

Now on to haunting my LYS discount bin.......

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