Sunday, July 30, 2006


Wedding linen hand towels

The hand towels for my friend's wedding were finished and were given to her on her wedding! This is impressive because the last gift I gave to friends who were getting married, I was forced to give it to them much much much later than their wedding.

Mason Dixon Hand Towels

Here they are with their fancy tags sewn on. That's the backside though. Here's the front side:

They came out really well and are highly absorbent based upon the fact that they took forever to dry once I washed them. But Mom was awesome and waited till they were dry then dropped them off at the reception for me! She even wrapped them individually and then put them in the gift bag I had prepared. Mom's great!

I really loved knitting these. The first one took the longest because each one i knit after that first one got the pattern a little more in my head. After the second one, I wasn't even looking at the pattern as I knit it.

I'm also really glad that I knit each one a different color. I found that my mood changed depending on which one I was knititng. The blue one felt like it was the longest. It actually made me feel somewhat sad. I was inspired by the tan one and the green one really made me happy. I don't think I spent enough time on the red one to really get a whole mood going, but it made me think alot about how I was almost done and how the three of them as a gift were going to be great.

Surprisingly, I didn't have a hard time knitting with the linen. I rather liked the texture, and that it got softer as I kept knitting with it because the yarn was in my bag all the time and rubbing against anything it could rub against to get softer. Also, the project I worked on right after this project was made with Misti Cotton - a pima cotton and silk blend that felt all the more softer after knitting with corse linen.

All in all, I give the pattern two thumbs up!

Your handtowels are gorgeous! What a wonderful gift and a lucky bride and groom to receive it. Great work!
these are amazing! wonderful job! what yarn did you use?
I used the Euroflax linen. I thouroughly enjoyed working with it!
What size needle did you use? I am making a hand towel with the Euroflax now and it is about 3" long and seems a bit lose. I am using a size 5 needle. I hate to rip at this point but am wondering if it will tighten up with washing. Yours are beautiful and inspire me to continue. Thanks for sharing!!
These are lovely! How I wish I were at the receving end! I'm almost done with my first one, wooohooo, I used the blue that you did but I didn't occur to me that it might be slowing me down. The pattern is going Much faster now and I can't wait to start on my next one using Canapone hemp.
your towels are beautiful!!
Beautiful! Amazing!
These towels are truly gorgeous!! You're totally inspiring me to get started on mine!
Knitnut: I'm pretty sure i used either a five or a four. I'll check when I get home. I noticed that it seems a little loose, but i knit it just a touch tighter than i normally do, and I think that the fiber will expand a bit with washing...

Everyone - aww...thanks for all the nice comments! :)
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