Sunday, July 30, 2006


More Adventures in Felting...

Just a quick question: does anyone know if Noro Silk Garden will felt? It's all I've really got in multiple skeins of the same colors in the stash...

And also, if I wanted a sturdier / thicker buttonhole bag, how would I do that? Three strands? I think my wallet and phone is too heavy for the one I just made.

I've used Noro Silk Garden for a felted bag. It felts but it gets soft and was not the best choice for a bag. I've used double strand wool for another bag and it was sturdier. Use big enough needles so your knitted item can felt into a nice fabric.
Because of the silk content, I wouldn't waste my time trying to felt Silk Garden. But I absolutely do felt Kureyon!! It's 100% wool and felts like a mo-fo! And the colours meld beautifully when felted.
Did you felt your bag enough? If you can still see your stitches, it's not felted enough. I've made a lot of felted purses (including several buttonhole bags) and I've never used 2 strands of yarn. They're all sturdy enough for the normal stuff my mom carries(the recipent of most of my purses) and she carries a ton of crap!
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Might want to line your "problem" bag. Either do it the fancy way as shown at
Or if you look at those instructions and think Yeah Right; you may prefer to do the easy method. Use double sided interfacing, you iron the fabric on first, leaving one bare edge, then iron it to the bag, slipping the bare edge under the fabric so you don't have a seam.
Thanks for the comments! I'm not going to try to felt the silk's too nice to gamble on.

I don't think the bag I did make can be felted any more - I ran it through two medium-long cycles in my machine. I think maybe I need to try a bad with 15's; maybe this one was just too tight to felt all the way. I am still inordinately pleased with it, though!
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