Sunday, July 30, 2006


Photo Upload Advice...

I posted a comment in Christina's post below, but I thought some might benefit from an actual post regarding uploading photos, and helping ease the bandwidth issue here.

I upload all my photos for here and my personal blog at photobucket, and it has many advantages. It seems to me to upload photos much faster, and eats up very little bandwidth vs. uploading directly to blogger.

For those of you who are like me, and need the computer language play by play:You must create a free photobucket account, upload your chosen photos, then cut and paste the img src code underneath the thumbnail for the uploaded photo where you want the photo in your post.

If you then click over to compose from the edit html screen, you may have to resize your photo. I just use the click and drag method by clicking on one corner and downsizing the photo to the correct size. It's really fast and easy.

I just wanted to thank Christina for hosting, and all the headaches she must have; I hope this helps.

I know there are other sites out there that offer similar services, such as flickr. I don't have firsthand experience w/ them, but I'm sure folks around here have plenty of advice!

If most folks upload w/ another service and use html codes to post the pics, I'm sure we won't have the problem of seeing little x's on photos we all would love to see, but can't because of bandwidth issues.

Happy MD knitting to all!

I'd like to throw my support behind Flickr. It's very user friendly, and they resize your images to give you several posting options. I don't know if Photobucket doesn't do this or what, but I frequently see (not necessarily here but at LJ communities and other knit-alongs) huge Photobucket images that are merely resized via HTML. This, however, doesn't change the file size, and as a dial-up user, it's kinda a sensitive issue.
I second flickr, though photobucket certainly rocks.

flickr offers html-free, easy photo posting/blogging. Their basic account is free, and the flickr community is lots of fun.

There are lots of knitting, crocheting, and crafting groups, open-ended as well as specific to certain books or magazines.
I use both photobucket and flickr, I just use them for different things. I like photobucket because it gives you all the coding right up front, but you don't have a choice on image size, the size you upload is what you get. Unless you resize as Rose suggested.

I do prefer flickr for my blog and adding pictures here. After you load your pictures you can click on "all sizes" then choose the size you want to use small, medium, large and orginal. Very handy. Plus you can add tags descrptions, comment on other people pictures, let them comment on yours.

Last but not least you can add your pictures to the flickr group for Mason Dixon Knitting!

Feel free to took at my flickr photos, I belong to the MDK group, a knitting in public and another knitting group.
I use if I'm doing one photo at a time, because you can post directly to blogger without having to log in, cut & paste, etc. If I'm doing multiple photos, I usually use - why, I'm not really sure, I just do. When you first get to the page, you can do 5 photos at a time, but you can do more than 5 by clicking the button. It automatically makes thumbnails for you - well, both sites do.
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