Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ballband Bathmat

So, I finally started a bathmat based on the Ballband Warshrag pattern. On size 15 needles I cast on 51 stitches using 6 strands of white Peaches-n-Cream; the other rows are done in 4 strands of PnC yellow ombre plus 2 strands of Sugar-n-Cream yellow. At first I was a bit concerned about how it would turn out, but it's so soft and squooshy already I just can't wait to finish it so I can sink my toes in. The red/orange/burgundy warshrag is there for perspective, done following the pattern exactly on size 6's. Must...knit...ballbands.........

Oh, my. 6 strands. On 15s. That must be a wrestling match. But I bet it will turn out wonderful. I'd love to know how much yarn it ends up using.
I was standing in front of the PnC in wal-mart when my mom came to vist yesterday, thinking about making bathmat out of a huge ball band. I didn't buy the yarn, but you have me convinced. Must return to wal-mart!!! I have 5 washrags to finish first! Everyone is in love with them, but I'm the only one that knits. Hahaha!
What a great idea to "supersize" the warshrag into a bath mat! Must give this some serious thought!
WOW that is SO COOL!!!!

I LOVE my bathmat, only did it three-stranded, but it is SO SOFT. I think the next one I make will be two-stranded. Also washed it once already, hot water, and then in the dryer. No problem!

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