Sunday, July 30, 2006


Setting PnC colors???

I remember reading that the colors of PnC/SnC cotton could be made somewhat more colorfast by washing in vinegar before the first use. Does anyone have specific instructions for how to do this? Soak in pure vinegar then rinse in water? Detergent or no? Or is there a water/vinegar ratio to use when washing in detergent? Or something else? I love the bright colors of my PnC/SnC warshrags, bibs, baby kimonos, etc and would love to keep them looking like that as long as possible.

I just used a 50/50 mix of vinegar and tap water in an old, clean 8-cup yogurt container. Made sure each bib got soaked through, then ran them (all together) through a normal wash cycle with Woolite. No problem with bleeding or fading :)

I dried them on low heat and removed them while they were still damp. ThenI hung them on the clothesline to dry completely.

Gosh, could my comment be any more boring? Heh.
I did something similar with some bibs I'm planning to give as gifts. After the vinegar soak I washed them on cold/delicate in woolite. I took them out of the dryer still damp and shaped them and allowed them to dry flat.
Thanks -- I'll definitely try that tonight!
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