Sunday, July 30, 2006


No-Sew Mitered Squares

Really and truly no-sew.

(Am preposterously excited.)

Explanation/Instructions are a bit long-winded and photo-dense, so I won't duplicate them here (bandwidth!), as they are already here (part 1) and here (part 2).


Wow, that is truly awesome, I think I need to print out the instructions and study the join to the other square up the rows part, but it looks great.
wow... I'm not sure I totally "get" it, but it sure sounds more appealing than all that sewing! :) If I ever get around to doing one of these (mitered throws), I'm going to try it. thanks!
What a fantastic idea - I'd already launched myself into my mitres before Kay revealed the original no sew idea so was a bit miffed with all the sewing, but this is even better! Think I might need to knit another one now!!
Looks great so far!
That is SO messing with my eyes! Really cool...
This looks really cool! And it's okay to be irrationally excited. I find that the patterns in this book tend to get you that way! or to put it the short way: me too am irrationally excited! And grammatically incorrect...
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