Monday, July 31, 2006


Fastest BallBander??? And Mostest?

Who on the KAL knits a BallBand Warshrag the fastest? Now, I feel like I'm a slow knitter and I started and finished two this weekend. I estimate that each one took me, altogether, about 3.5 hours of uninterrupted knitting time. What about you?

Oh, and who's knit the MOST BallBands? I've only knit about 10. I know someone out there must have knit about, like, 100. Speak up!

LOL - I don't think you're slow at all! I've only knit a couple of ballbands but am having a blast doing so. I think it probably takes about 2-2.5 hours of uninterrupted knitting time for me to do a regular sized one, but I'm working on a bathmat-sized one (6 strands of PnC on size 15s) that I'm sure will take WAAAAAAY longer! :)
ROFLOL!!! A weekend? SLOW???? I've ben working on a ballband dishcloth for 2 MONTHS! Of course, the kids, the job and the fact that I needed to use #4 needles for the yarn I chose- none of those help!
I'm so slow I haven't done one yet!
It takes me about 2 to 2-1/2 hours, but I make mine a tad smaller than the book (33 stitches vs. 45).

I'm NOT a speedy knitter.

I've made two so far (red/black and black/white). I know I'll be making plenty more. I hit the sale at Michael's!
I've only made 7 - it takes me SG-1 & Starget Atlantis on TiVo - so just under 2 hours (make the 33 stitch ones) - I knit really quickly though.
It takes me about two days of reading "The Power Broker" at about 100 pages per day, knitting a repeat or two between chapters, as a reward, either instead of or with a cookie.
man you have me beat. i've only gotten 4 done..
Wow! You are speedy. I've done 1 and it took at least 4 hours. Yipee for you -- and your clean dishes :)
How cool that you got two done in one weekend. It generally takes me 2-3 days to make one. I keep one in progress in my purse and pick it up when-ever I get a few minutes to knit.

As far as mostest....I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I just started my 14th one today. I've kept all but two. Although the latest ones are destined to be gifts.
hmmmm...maybe a couple DVD's worth per dishcloth? I will time the next one. And I have only made three, and given them all away! I plan to make some for my own kitchen next!
I am starting my 4th today. I have been knitting other things though. I'm not sure how long they take me- depends on how much time I have, a couple of days probably.
I also have made other dish cloth patterns and turned the baby genius burp cloth design into a dish cloth. I turned the same design into a bib too. I have yet to make a burp cloth out of that slip stitch design.
Kay from MDK clearly gets the "most" prize. As for time, I do mine in bits too, I find the pattern easy to mix in with other knitting--but I'm not that fast, so I prefer not to try to guess, it will be too depressing!
I am not sure how long it takes me to knit one uninterrupted. My guess is about 2-3 hours. So far I have made 11 of them. Being very selfish and needing more dishcloths, they are for me. There are plans to do several more as gifts.
I'm on my 5th one. The 4th one I made compleatly during "The Italian Job" and I think it has a run time of like 110 minutes, so just over 1 1/2 hours.
I'm not sure how long it takes me to make mine. I spent a few days working on it. The first one was the longest, the rest were a lot faster. I think I've only made 3 or 4 so far.
I've made five so far and since I"m a new knitter they take 3-4 hours apiece. My claim to fame is that I made #4 while in labor...yes, it was an easy labor. Talk about nesting--knitting is the best!
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