Tuesday, August 01, 2006


M-M-M-My Kimono

With apologies to The Knack, here is my first post and my first kimono. In the background, the ubiquitous Ballband (isn't it amazing how another warshrag appears on the needles as soon as you've finished one?) and a Ninepatch. For all, I used stash cotton so antique the ballbands are long gone--what's important is it knitted up right purty. Tarted up the kimono a bit with a 3-stitch i-cord tie and single crochet trim. Onward to my Absorba.

I love the edging and so glad you explained how you did it. I have yet to attempt the kimono, but just love looking at all of the finished articles. So sweet.
What great stash. They are beautiful.
I really like the tarting of the kimono and the colors. Lovely work.
Love how you edged and i-corded the kinomo....very nice work!
What a great sense of color you have!
The edging is a wonderful touch!
Oh great now I have that song in my head for the rest of the day!

The kimono is SO sweet. xox Kay
Thanks for the kind words, all; sorry about the song, Kay. How about this one: "Like a warshrag, knit for the 31st time..."
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