Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Kimono help needed

Well not actually with the Kimono but with one of the stitches. I am doing a YO on the increase end but it's not looking like most of yours. Mine looks like a little loop on the end...yours all look like a stitch comes first before the YO. Did you all do the M1 instead?

Ilene--I use the YO, but I knit one or two stitches at the beginning of the row to offset it. Hope this helps.
I do the same thing as the previous comment, because it just looked weird otherwise. I think it might be a mistake in the pattern; I've never seen YOs at the very beginning or end of a row.

So I actually do K2, yo, K across if I'm doing in the increase when coming from the neck side, or do K until there are 2 sts left then do YO, K2.

I do the same thing so the little hole is 2 stitches in from the edge. I think it looks right cute!! --Sally
I tried the yarnover and thought it was too big so I switched to a make one increase - that gave me a nice little eyelet.
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