Tuesday, August 01, 2006


They're so easy it's S-P-O-O-K-Y

Even though the temps. are approaching the 100°F mark ... I'm ready for some autumn. The first cloth is ready for Halloween.

The second cloth is ready for the annual fall rivalry ...DH's high school vs. my high school. The red and black rag is to honor his high school. (I told him I would be using it to scrub the bathroom. He told me he would be flying it from our little flag stand.)

The third cloth ...just random. It happened to be in the pile. So now, I'm off to find MY school colors ...purple and gold. Beware the BEAR!

I'm planning to make a black and orange one just like that. Not for Halloween though but for Oregon State's colors. It will be for my brother. Everyone is getting a dish cloth in their stocking this Christams and I've been thinking up "manly discloths". OSU is one of them.

Your cloths look nice.
Weird! My school colors were purple and gold and we were the bears too!
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