Tuesday, August 01, 2006


My Ballband Summer

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These are 8 of the dozen or so warshrags I've made this summer. My favorites are the ones with lots of different colors. I have a set on the needles now that are destined to be gifts. This pattern has been so completely addicting for me this summer. (obviously!)

Anyway, I've been lurking here for months and just wanted to share my dishcloths. I've also made a Kimono, a few bibs, and I have a Moss Grid towel on the needles. I hope to make some burp cloths for some gift sets. I'll post those pics another day. Thanks for letting me participate.


Those are fabulous! I love all the colors you used. I esp. love the rainbow ones, too!
Those are great. You give new meaning to pink and yellow, will have to consider that...They seem too pretty to use.
Great colors. I am inspired.
Wow, Jenn, just...wow. Lucky giftees!

They are GORGEOUS! I love the ones in multi-colors too. You've been one BUSY knitter!

Lucky folks getting those warshcloths as gifts.
The multi-color stripes are great!
Love those that are wonderful what yarn are you using?
Awesome colours.
Nice with the white & hot summery colours!
You've mae some lovely cloths. Nice work!
Beautiful assortment!!
Thank you all for such lovely comments. It warms my heart. My family thinks I'm nuts - LOL. The yarn I used is an assortment of Peaches-N-Cream and Sugar-N-Cream. Some from my stash and some recently purchased.
Hi Jenn!
I am now even more inspired - AND OBSESSED-thanks to you-to keep on doin' the ballband! There seems to be NO RULES-JUST KNITTIN'!
Think I'll just close my eyes, stick my hand in my S&C stash, pull out two, and play!
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