Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Sew it Up

The kiddy afghans for the Ukraine are moving along nicely. My mom and I had an old fashioned sewing bee Sunday. After this project I will never complain about finishing a sweater again!
There's still plenty of time to send in squares. The mission trip doesn't leave until September 15. I'm also extending the deadline to be entered in the log cabin kit drawing to August 14. Only 9 more squares and we will have a total of 3 completed mitered square blankets. That's amazing! Visit my blog for all the details. Posted by Picasa

2 more squares are done and will be posted to you next week when I get home, may get another one done, not sure yet.
I just love how bright and beautiful your blankets are shaping up. What a wonderful mission to create comfy warm blankets.
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