Wednesday, August 02, 2006


New Member & Nina Shawl

Hi gang! I'm a new member and wanted to share my newest MDK project with ya'll. I just fell in love with the colors and stripes in the Nina Shawl. I'm making this as a gift for Christmas, but it's a Nina Shawl Scarf! LOL My friend would not use a shawl, but she loves scarves. So I just halved the cast on number and off we go. I'm using TLC cotton plus yarn, cotton and acrylic mix worsted weight. It's working up really fast and the stitch definition is great. Plus, it's soooo soft.

Nina Shawl Scarf


Beautiful, Sherie, and nice color matching (sometimes it's so satisfying to go with the color as shown). I'm inspired.
Gorgeous! This is one of my favorite patterns in the book.
I love the idea of a scarf. It is one of my favorite patterns too.
That is really beautiful! I am very tempted to make the shawl in those colors.
Looking good! I want to make Nina for my sister but I'm utterly confused about the whole intarsia process so I need to do some research first. :o)
I *love* the scarf idea! I just may have to do that myself!
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