Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Always check your dye lots!

For the couple who just returned from a year and a half in Tokyo, a two-tone kimono (I forgot to check my dye lots) on a big bad baby blanket.

I made a few adjustments for a 'large baby' casting on 50 instead of 40 stitches and knitting the back to 5 inches instead of 4. Watch out... this adds another half skein of yarn. But I really like how the front of the kimono has a blunt edge instead of a point, allowing for two ribbons to hold it together. Posted by Picasa

Well any difference in color isn't apparent from the picture. I love the shade of purple- very pretty.
I think it's a kimono curse! I was using up stash to make my kimono, but ran out. Luckily (kind of) the new dye lot is hidden by the overlap of the front!

yours looks great! I don't see a dye lot issue.
I just finished up a Big bad Baby Blanket too! It took a bit longer than I thought it would! LOL
Love the kimono too! I still need to make one of them.
I am just starting my first kimono...I'm relatively new to knitting and this is my first try at a sweater. Just wondering what other alterations you had to make to the pattern because I like the idea of making a slightly larger kimono. How many rows did you add to the sleeves, to make them wider? Did you alter the width of the neck at all? Thanks for the help. :)
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