Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It's A Good Thing She's Pretty

I finally completed my first (and last) Absorba! I purchased the yarn at the clearance/moving sale at my local JoAnn's, and I've had to tucked away, just waiting for the right opportunity to become The Great Absorba. After completing my Summer semester of graduate school (WOO HOO!), I decided this was a great project to kick off my three weeks of No-School-dom. I've read several of the posts on the KAL about folks who suffered with aching hands from this project, but I plugged on, determined to own a trusty Absorba. Holy Carpal Tunnel, Batman! This baby hurts ya! Like my grandmother used to say, "It's a good thing she's pretty!"

I used 2 strands of worsted weight Sugar N' Cream in Buttercream and 2 strands of Lion Cotton in Natural on US size 13 needles. The finished measurements are 25.5"x20." She took up 4 Super Size balls of the Sugar N' Cream (2.5 ounces/ball) and a little more than 2 balls of the Lion Cotton (5 ounces/ball). Talk about a stash buster!

it is so pretty! great choices of colors! too bad it hurt so bad. great job!
Oh, but it looks like it was worth the pain. Beeyootiful!
YAY for no-school-dom, mine starts tomorrow!!!
But wow, she is pretty, worth the pain, no?
So pretty, I love that buttercream. I was thinking of making Absorba, but if it is so painful, now I'm not sure.
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