Monday, August 07, 2006


Here's the latest color scheme. I like how it's coming together.

I finally made it to a town that has more than Wal-Mart to shop for cotton yarn. Went a little nutty on the SNC isle. OOPS. Mason Dixon has sold me on the washcloths, you need this stuff around in the event you must produce an emergency gift, right?

yes absolutely a must for last minute gifts and so far everyone loves them! completely justified
I loooove your color combination. What are the names of the yarns you used?
Love your colors!!!!!

The verigated colorway is Peaches N Cream, I think the name is "Sea Mist". It's the only one with the apple green, light blue and white.

The bright green is "Hot Green" Sugar N Cream.

And the white, well you know about that!
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