Monday, August 07, 2006


Another Source?

I found this site that sells cones of Euroflax in sport weight. Not 100% sure but looks like you could get 2-3 towels(depending on your guage of course) per cone (based on the yardage).

Here is another source for cotton yarn on cones. They have the Peaches-N-Cream double worsted weight yarn. This would probably work well for the bulkier projects.

((Disclaimer: I have yet to purchase from either of these stores so I can't personally vouch for their service. I just wanted to share my online finds.))


Ironically enough, I just got my order from World Knits about 10 minutes ago. I ordered two hanks of the sport weight (in cream and pink panther) and a cone of the same weight (in crab apple blossom - hot pink). I ordered it on the 13th of July, but since one of my items was back ordered they sent an email to see if I wanted to wait for it to come in so as to save on shipping. I didn't mind waiting since it wasn't something I was in a hurry to get. They were good to deal with and their prices were fairly good (especially the cone).

The cotton clouds runs quite expensive- almost double what I can find it for @ Wal-Mart. But, they do have plenty of colors...
Lola & Ava - good to know that Worldknits is a decent place to shop. It's on my list for my next online yarn purchase.

Rose - My local WM's do have the cheaper cones too, but they only have them in one color. Sort of a draw then eh?
A Non-WalMart Source! Yaaaay!!!
; )
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