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Sources of Peaches & Creme??

I picked up some "Lemon and Lime" P&C from my local Wal-Mart. The green is a perfect match for my mom's bathroom and I'd like to make her a ball band hand towel for the holidays. Problem? I need the green. According to the Elmore-Pisgah webpage, the color I need is light green. I can't find that color here anywhere. I'd order direct, but that seems confusing to say the least. One price is listed for CC orders per cone, another for cones, and a third (I am assuming is for balls?) Has anyone called them and ordered direct? Too bad NC is so wide, or I'd plan a road trips as I am in North Carolina... Anyways, anyone know any other retailers? It seems SnC is much easier to find...

In my experience, the elmore-pisgah people were very helpful. Their website and price listing is very confusing and their colors are not accurate, but the people are friendly and if you explain what you need, I'm sure they will be able to help you.
I got some bright green Sugar N' Cream from Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. I'm not sure if those are available in your area, but you can find it online. If you go to Hobby Lobby dot com, there's a link to their craft supplier where you can order the stuff really cheap. I think the color of SNC you need is called "Hot green". Don't quote me on that! Hope this helps.
Here's a site that has PnC cones...I'm not sure if they have the color choice you are looking for though. Worth a look though...

Good Luck
I recommend that you call them. They are so friendly and helpful on the phone, you'll feel like you've made new friends! I don't think their website is very good but they make up for it person to person! --Sally
I called and ordered over the phone. I also printed out pages of the colors which I found on their web site. You can't order online, but you can view the colors. I ordered 4 colors in lots of 4 balls - $20.00! I am so addicted I am going to order a cone (1 lb.) or two!
Do you have Joanne's near you? They have Sugar 'n' Cream, which is basically the same thing (100% cotton). Great color selection, too! WalMart was my best source for Peaches 'n' Creme. If you live in a more metro area, try another WalMart---a bigger store. Or go online. Good luck!
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