Monday, August 07, 2006


It's A Surprise for YOU

No, silly, not the ballband, although I love and use it. The surprise is that P&C is ON SALE!!!!!!! At least it has been, and still was yesterday when I checked.

Go to and find the sale. I search for this stuff all the time on line because it is not stocked anywhere EVER where we live. But it's on sale now!
Yippee. (we're stocking up for holidays, and for "emergencies", and just for fun)

help I am not finding the sale. Can you put a direct link to the sale page?? THANKS!!
I think it's HERE
It's 10% off, so regular price for 1-5 cones is $9, sale price is $8.10
Thanks, Bobbi, for the direct link. Mine didn't/wouldn't work. BUT. The sale price per CONE!! is $5.98!!!! You have to buy a min. of (6) cones, but they are usually $6.64 per cone when you buy a minimum of (6).
That's what I get for not reading the fine print, I just glanced at the page! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm terribly ashamed as my paid profession is librarian and it's in my nature to prove information, preferably accurate! :)
it looks like it's only on that one color...any definitive word???
No, it's all colors on sale. And yes, the web site is really not very clear, so it would be so easy to miss the price and the color issue.
Actually, I placed an order yesterday and found out that the sale is only for the one color shown. $6.64 per cone is still a great deal!
$6.64 IS a great price. I'm gonna' call tomorrow, and see what I can find. Thanks, Samantha. Hope they put more on sale, if it's really only that one color. Not what it looks like, but maybe that will change. What did you buy?
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