Monday, August 07, 2006


Denim and SnC Bibs for Hudson

Baby Hudson, we are thinking of you. These were knit with love!

Wasn't even sure all my cameras and computers were actually all working and at the SAME TIME. Also, have no clue how to make blogger work consistently. Have to "finish" my bib story here, instead of when I posted, now that I finally got a photo to upload! (anyone else had problems?) This sweet baby was born, in Texas, on Thursday, April 13, and he lost his mother, tragically, the next day, Good Friday. It was very sudden, and I still cannot stop thinking about him, the father, (my cousin) and the whole situation. DD & I had just barely started trying to knit just about then, and good thing MDK came along, because it (knitting) gave us a way to "grieve" and still put together a meaningful gift for the father, baby and family. We have a big family, fortunately, and Hudson will be surrounded by lots of love. But it is heartbreaking to know he can't see his mommy now. We packaged it up as a care-package gift, stuffed animal, chewy toy, etc. Please keep Hudson and his dad and family in your prayers as you see these bibs.
It's not a mistake (hole) in the knitting, it's an extra button hole (2, each bib) to make them "adjustable".
Thank you for sharing the story. I'm not sure when you posted. I just read it and said a prayer for that baby and his dad. He is a blessed baby to have someone caring like you in his life.
Excellent, love it!
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