Sunday, August 06, 2006


What's wrong with this picture?

Look closely and you will see what happens when you sew up mitered squares while watching late night TV. Should I rip and redo or call it a design feature?

Look at the cute little denim squares sent in by Stephanie. The yarn is very soft and cotton-y. Thanks so much!

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Of course, you should do whatever feels right for you (had to put the disclaimer first)...

I like it as is. It really does look like a design feature to me. And aren't most of these mitre blankets made to be used and loved, not displayed and judged?
Boy, this is definitely a personal choice. Do you have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you ought to start over, but really don't want to? I'd put it aside for a few days, and then make the decision.
I like how you've used the mitered squares differently than one would expect. Great design feature! :) If you're going to rip anything, maybe just the right-hand column of squares as they're facing in a different direction than all the rest.
I think I agree w/ knitloon. If it's going to bug you every time you look at it, by all means take it apart and re-sew. But wait a few days and see if still bothers you.

Do you know what yarn Stephanie used for those cute squares? They are just darling.

Thanks. --Sally
I like it! It's unexpected. I would leave it (but then again, I'd do anything to get out of more sewing).
Design feature, absolutely!! They look great and 2 more squares are heading your way (sorry that there weren't more).
If that is the edge that is uneven, you could add a couple rows of ruffley crochet as camoflauge.
The yarn was some old sugar n' creme I had (winterberry, light blue, and medium blue I think). I had used the blues to make a hat and mittens set years ago.
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