Friday, August 04, 2006


Bright Moderne Blanket and Miter Square Pillow

Betty and Veronica are each working on a project from the book for a friend who has moved to California. Veronica picked yarn from the Red Heart line because it was A) cheap and B) super soft.
Veronica's take on the Modern Baby Blanket

Betty decided to do her own twist on Miter Square blanket by making the square match all the way around. She used yarn from my stash to make it (nice use of stash reduction).
Betty's Miter Square pillow top

Check out our blog for more details!

I love the miter square! VERY cool! Did you/she knit it as one piece, or sew the squares together?
Red Heart? What kind of Red Heart? The colors are beautiful and I've never met a skein of Red Heart that was soft! PLEASE tell me your secret!
Wow! Teens making awesome blankets :) V cool
Both will be used with love I'm sure.
Pretty, pretty colors.
Yes, please tell us what the Red Heart is. Really have trouble finding ANY P&C or SNC here in D.C. area. Thanks, and the mitered square looks great.
Wow! The girls will be so chuffed by the nice comments. Veronica knit the miter square out of Red Heart Soft Yarn (that's the name). You get 5 ox and 256 yards out of a skein and it is worsted weight. Honestly, it is some of the softest acrylic on the market and we bought it at A. C. Moore here in town. She has gotten to be a pro at picking up stitches. And, yes, it is really cool having teens who knit as they are the only ones who look good in some of the patterns these days.

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