Thursday, August 03, 2006


Another Moderne Baby Blanket


A friend of mine refused to find out the sex of her baby, so I hope the colors are unisex enough for her. It seems like all "Unisex" colors lean towards the masculine type. I've already wrapped it, so I don't try to keep it! Target had some lovely blankets that she may enjoy...

Check out our blog for more details!

Beautiful. I think it will be perfect for a baby boy or girl.
I love the blanket! And I don't think it's masculine so much as neutral. Which means that baby boy/girl will be able to enjoy it for years, regardless of the colour of their room. (which always changes as they get older) Beautiful!
Looks great, who wouldn't love it, boy or girl.
I love this afghan. It is fabulous. I am plotting one for myself - I mean my cousin's kid.
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